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The Petrie Dish of Climbing: What Kind of Culture Are We Growing?


The perfect storm of the century struck the New England states this week, entangling a hurricane named Sandy, a cold front, and a full moon culminating in a perfect union to sap the gravity straight Read full article »

cathexis hat trick


Like a cathexis hat trick, strikin up a match stick, stompin on a fascist, and risin from the ashes. Well that's it, like a spastic form of magic, in Baghdad. An audio madness, nothing short of bombastic. Morph like a butterfly, make a buzz like Read full article »

The Obsessive Type


      Dave Graham talks incessantly about the “obsessive type” of personality that has become a mainstay of rock climbing psyche and politico.  Somewhat of a disorder, ‘obsessing’ is beyond passion; it is beyond ego and numbers; Read full article »

Fact of Matter


Words emerge, blurr the verbs between heaven and earth, like an absurd curse, that stirs the dirt, ursurps the work and flirts with the hurt, on a life that is curt, no panties and a skirt. I'm a nice Read full article »

Font Range Freaks


I was in France, driving just south of Paris on the perimeter of a small historic town called Fontainebleau. I parked the car at the first climbing area I found, took a step toward the Read full article »

Seasonal Tantra


My two cents of seasonal sense for sends since waiting for the scents of falling leaves from the trees are such a tease: a study on the temperaments that make up the climbing governments of Read full article »



Blog, So, I've been thinking about the limits I placed on you about not going too deep and/or just treading water, and I've come to the conclusion that restrictions are bad. Go Ayn Rand! What does Read full article »



Finding a remotely psyched person that puts on a harness in Alabama is like searching for footprints on the moon: they're around, but you have to know where to look... and unfortunately, you might have Read full article »

Familiar Faces and Last Names


DRUGS "Hey Chris!" What was Tyler doing? I thought to myself. Surely he knows better than to casually address such a divine member of our climbing community by his first name. "What kind of chalk do you use?" "Just Read full article »

The Last Crab Claw


SHOWTIME "Whew!" I managed to somehow squeak out this exclamation between my blushing grin. "I am so glad that I'm still alive!" I was staring at the back of Natalie's head, and nobody was listening; I Read full article »